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Upcoming Classes & Changes to curriculum

Hello world!

We have some pretty exciting news.  We have our next schedule of classes available!

Yeah, we know, we’ve already done this once before.  We posted a schedule of classes that was mostly tricks or fun & games classes.  But what we found is that people want obedience classes.

We also found that offering our Foundations Obedience classes as 8 weeks made it difficult for people to enroll because if they missed the first few weeks they’d have to wait until the next session to start.  That is a long time when a class is 8 weeks long!

So what did we do?  We changed our curriculum.

Now we have 3 levels of Obedience; Foundations, Core, & Advanced.  Unlike before where you would be ready to take the AKC’s Canine Good Citizen Test after Foundations 1 & 2, you will want to take Foundations, Core & Advanced Obedience to prepare for the AKC’s CGC test.  As a 4-week class, Foundations Obedience will lay the groundwork for all basic Obedience skills and Core will help you learn to proof them.  If you want to take the AKC’s CGC test you will want to be sure to take the Advanced Obedience class.

What about puppy classes? Are Puppy Explorer & Puppy Scholar 4 weeks?

Yes they are!  We felt that changing our classes to be more uniform in the length and cost (all 4 week classes are $75) would make it easier for our clients.  Classes in 2018 will begin the first full week of each month making it easier to schedule and predict when we have future offerings.  And in addition to that, we will be able to offer classes more regularly!

Interested in enrolling in a class with us?  Click here to register today!