Our values – Smarty Dog Training

Our values

Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better.” – Maya Angelou

Scientifically supported training methods
The methods that we use are rooted in and supported by scientific research. We study behavior and learning theory of dogs. We strive to understand the way dogs think and learn which allows us to evaluate and address behavior problems.

Mutual respect
We believe that respect for the human from the dog as well as respect for the dog from the human is necessary for the growth of human-dog bond. Just as humans have boundaries and expectations, so do our canine friends. We believe in the golden rule, treating others as you wish to be treated.

To be successful we believe that we must be accountable. We are responsible for our dogs behavior as they are a mirror of our investment into their training. If our dog behaves undesirably we see that as an opportunity for improvement.  We acknowledge that we cannot place blame on ourselves or our dogs because blame has no place in a healthy relationship. We seek to build up our dog’s confidence by recognizing our own training challenges and addressing them so that we can have the most fulfilling life with our dogs.

Reinforcement Based Training Techniques
Positive is not permissive! Utilizing Operant Conditioning theory, we believe in positively reinforcing the behavior that we want. Using positive reinforcement techniques, we strive to build strong bonds with our dog so that they will respond successfully to our cues.

Trust Through Clarity
A strong bond is built through many layers of trust. To be able to add these layers, we believe that the human must communicate accurately and clearly to their dog.  We strive to be consistent in our cues and criteria.

To be successful YOU must be an active participant in your dog’s training who is wholly engaged in the learning experience. Training never ends as dogs are always learning from us whether we realize it or not. We believe that, you, the human are the biggest asset a dog has in their life of learning.